Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ghost Cat

My cat Sadie is missing, has been for four days now.  I see her everywhere and no where at all.  I check the porch everytime I walk into the kitchen. Every morning I expect her yowl at the back door. I don't even have a picture of her.  I probably 'see' her more now than I did when she was here.  I so hope she is traveling the woods in a cat pack.  I can't think anything else, really, no matter how it might behove me to make friends with that/those thoughts.  I told the boys she was missing this afternoon... we went on a walk to see if we could find her.  C6 cried.  E3 threw sticks.  I never said 'hurt' or 'dead', just wondered where she could be, who she might be with... She is a lovely cat, like they almost all are.  I never gave her enough attention and she never held it against me.  Not even once did she ask me why I don't spend the time to try to seduce her. Not even once.
Oh, animals.

One of the things of many that came from the writing workshop was a phrase of Patti Digh's which sticks to the ribs.  'Make strong offers'.  Make your offering to the world a strong one, one which you yourself relish, which speaks to the strength you have, which makes your offering an actual 'offering' and not a 'tradeoff' or a 'sacrifice'.  Make a strong offering to the world. 

(I hadn't meant to offer Sadie.  But she was a strong one. and I probably can't call her mine...)

And I am improving the quality of my time here, on the interwebs, slowly, certainly (at least) taking more time. pausing before publishing and the like.  I will probably not create formed essays at any point, but do look forward to subjects of meaty-ness pushing their way to the fore. I suppose I have done that in the past, but I am getting close to 500 posts soon, and I find that remarkable and also, weighty... giving me pause to consider what exactly it is that I am 'making' here and is it, in fact, a strong offer?  I need to do some re-reading, some self-checking for satisfaction.  And if I am not satisfied?  well. no idea.  I guess I'll just plan on being satisfied, and see what I can learn...


Nancy said...

Plan to be satisfied.

That's...a strong offer.