Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Day of Nabobloblobbloblo. mo.

I'm very glad I did, I am. and I'm glad I wrote every day, clearly counting my sister's posts as my own... and I am so glad it is over. when it gets dark at 4, I am ready for bed by 6 and that makes the next two hours a bit wobbly for my intellect or my fingers, whichever are responsible for these posts.
So? What is coming up?  This morning I sent out payments for ten bills. TEN. rah rah me. we start the holiday season with a cleared scale, ready to weigh it down as the month moves along.
I've realized that the shopping hysteria ratchets up markedly when you watch more tv as we did this past week.  the amount of commercial action is really astounding, and really does have an impact on my heartrate.
I bought three dresses when preparing for my new york trip. hello macy couponing. I have to wear all three of them every day for the next month to make it financially viable.  So far, so good. And I will never have to buy a dress again.
I have a doctor appointment next week for the first time in years, and I'm not pregnant even. Its a new doc, a lady doc, and I have high hopes that I will have yet another set of eyes watching over me...
I did yoga today, and feel remarkably chipper. why the hell can't i remember to do this more often?
My young one turns four in two weeks and that is a big child. big. presents spread between two celebrations feel a bit lame sometimes.
I hope I can take a day off tomorrow. I hope you tell me you liked this month of daily dose.


amyontheroad said...

i double liked it! even if your consistent posting highlighted my failure to do so!

Kate Hall said...

thanks for answering my obvious need for attention, amy. i was glad to hear about your life, you know... sharing can be fun... heh. mah.