Monday, July 5, 2010

Heat Warning

Who knew the Power Rangers were so provocative? aye?

There are some hangover remainders from the time i lost my hearing that i cannot get rid of. here they are.

1. the smoke/fire alarm that shakes the bed. heaven help us if we ever start vibrating and can't figure out what the hell is causing it...

2. the phone which connects to a teletype type operator, has written script of the conversation. the other person HEARS me, but i READ them. haven't used it in months, its our only landline and receives an ungodly number of solicitation calls and I'm convinced that if i give it away... like giving away the baby clothes...

3. the emergency weather emails that arrive in my email box. they alert me to the craziest of things, like impending snowstorms, floods, etc. (when you can't watch the news, don't want to smell the air and the sky is cloudy in a miscellaneous fashion)

Said news program delivered the message to me that tomorrow afternoon will be dangerously hot. with high humidity. and that if i were to go out and perform strenuous outdoor exercise or labor, I would put myself in danger of a heat stroke.

thank you.

I would like to take this moment to tell you that the heat and I are not friends. I am dreaming of the first snowfall already. and while it is wonderful to lose track of the mittens and the wintercoats for a long long time, it is a with a heavy dose of dread that I herald the arrival of August. if one can dread and herald at the same time.

I ran an air conditioner in our room last night for the first time in a long time and it soaked the corner of the cedar sweater chest and now i have sweaters draped all over the room . and i was still pretty hot.

and now i have a lot of wet wool.
of course, all the suggestions you make are brilliant... beach, mall, library... pond, pool,
but let me just tell you. getting to the car is too much. the flipflops are melting, man, the flipflops are melting...

i am on vacation starting this weekend and i will stay in my same outfit for fourteen days, and there will be naked children and sand in nefarious places. and it will be glorious. and that, in a perfect world, is how to do the heat . i understand why all of europe is upset that humanity is so boring that it cannot conceive a solution to economics other than to work more and longer and give up the whole notion of months of vacation. i understand. it is hot, we should be sleeping or naked. or both . all of us.


Owen A said...

second on your proposed solution: sleeping or naked.

urban craft said...

enjoy your vacation, sounds lovely. You had to go and outquilt me didn't you. And in the summertime too! Okay, now please help me make a quilt, cause I am still a little lost.

So, you have an alarm that shakes the bed?....