Friday, July 30, 2010

Faking it

a friend told me today that she wanted to be 'fake friends' with someone else.  I knew exactly what she meant and somehow the rest of the day has seemed to sink into exactly what she meant, in lieu of my real life. ....
good news swallowed by the very hungry caterpillars' monstrous hunger.
brothers overwhelming desire to knock one another down.
flinchfest on the part of an already stretched mother.
Universal disagreement about portents and which way they point.

I'm losing my ability to fake it, and while i can say unreservedly that that is probably a good thing, it sure does suck when you still have to answer the door. . .


The D said...

"Fake Friends" is just one step away from "I Quit".
You are right, I am going to try to not wear my underwear.
or at least fake it.

Jen said...

I never answer the door or the telephone. Even if it's my mother, I like my mother. I always need to be prepared for my encounters. Special agent I ain't.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

So my husband told me that he will come home early so I can go to therapy. (Ummm... did I mention to him that I wanted to go to therapy? That answer would be no.) Apparently, the psychiatrist thinks that I might need some help because I am a wee bit burned out FROM. MY. LIFE. I guess I suck at faking it too so uh, can I have Chakra Carol's number again?