Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the mariner's book of days and NotMuch

I have this empty desk calendar (2001, thank you very much) sitting next to me to be used as scrap paper when i need to jot something.  but the thing is too damn pretty, and on each day there is some sort of interesting tidbit there to befuddle my brain on the way to its jot. like this:   
 in 1858 the clipper ship James Baines caught fire and burned while unloading cargoin Liverpool, England.
thats right. that was April 22.  now wait here. . . you say... useless information? unneccessarry to my daily life? Yes?
and then i say unto you, you neophytes, you thought i was using quotation marks yesterday/whenever and did not correct me! when in reality, i was using poorly fingered apostrophes and hyped up and floating commas.  These little details mean nothing until pointed to, fingered and figured and placed up on a pedastal. pedestal. second.
I am here, but am feeling a bit disjointed from the writing. Maybe as my fingers fly I will settle in more.  Much of what I wrote while gone is too personal to play in here.   I had visions of enumerating glamours and  making a narrative voice and making it all about "real" writing. Now, those were quotation marks. . .  But no.
My kids are asleep, I have tried to get back on the laundry train, I am putting my kid in a full day camp next week just to try to break myself into the habit of it.  Kindergarten. holy hell. One kid at home to entertain or ensure safety for, at the very least.  I think I am going to be lonely for him.
Can you hear how my voice has changed? I can. It was the 7 cigarettes I had on the porch, when the kids were inside and the wine was ice-cold.  I think I prefer beer, but the folks I was vacationing with? all wine, all the time, and the beer they DID have was way way too good.  Budweiser Ice Cold and a pizza, and this girl is on vacation all the time. all the time. so cold you cannot even taste it. ice on the glass.

- 1958, September 24. A record-low sea-level atmospheric pressure of 877 millibars was recorded in the eye of the typhoon Ada east of Luzon, the Phillipines.

(by whom or by what?!)

-I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast for I intend to go in harm's way.  -John Paul Jones

huh. probably would not have liked him.

-I love the sea: she is my fellow creature. -Francis Quarles

would have liked him/her. yep. please hang in there, i swear my voice will return. well, i won't swear it but i do think it will. i do.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Let me tell you that they come home from this camp nice and tired. Whoot! Whoot! Thinking I may drop V off for a day next week so she and the mighty C can wrestle...uh, I mean do gymnastics.