Thursday, July 1, 2010

quilting pictures... a jumble of thought. . .

my god, you are so happy i deleted what i had written earlier. so glad. i had been fasting for a life insurance health exam and was completely whacked. as in , wh- acked. blood sugar is the bitch of my life and i always need more swedish fish, it seems.

As part of my purposeful parenting thing, I foolishly, but purposefully, made a rule that there would be no toys allowed in the house that did not have something beautiful about them, fully allowing that beauty in the eyes of a five year old boy, is something different than in mine... and then I was hit by the birthday of a boy turning 5. I labored for an obscene amount of time with this kid and now his love for all things plastic is about to kill me, finally, five years later.

i'm showing off the baby quilt i just finished, a full year of my life, fabric from nyc, fabric from Grammie, fabric from vintage dress finds and a whole lot of thought about the chakras and their colors and a helping of devotion to a tiny little egg of a girl... who is now officially on the number chart, at one year of age.
the boys are marathon nap/sleeping, as they intuit that summer is here in a very big way. why the rest of us don't catch on is a mystery. the heat should make slugs of us all and yet we persist in 'getting things done'. could swear to you up and down about how i probably gave in to antibiotics because i had a kid having a fifth birthday party and i needed to be present at it, or to 'at least' make it special for him. as in, wrap everything, make the 'spiderweb' of family fame and otherwise do a bunch of things he cares naught about. . . for him, it all came down to the 'omnitrix' at the end of the spiderweb. all.
someday i'll describe the family tradition of 'spiderweb', its a keeper, and i love it. strings take over a room, each kid gets one and there's a gift at the end... and this time, an OMNITRIX!!
if you don't know what i'm talking about, thats allright, you must not have watched cartoon network in long while. . . it would kill me to have to explain so i am going the way of self-preservation.


The D said...

and said Girlie is sleeping under that quilt as we speak. Sigh.
Thank You.
I do hope she takes it to college with her someday. Not that I will let her go far away or anything...Something about her Fairy Godmother watching over her brings me peace.