Wednesday, July 14, 2010

word choice, the first.

I am at the beach. well, i am up the street at a cafe which has wireless... ehem. I've been reading, responding, and so on. what is exciting for me, is that I have been writing a whole bunch, while not connected to anything but the sand on my seat. Its a good transition to have made, to be 'posting' without the 'posting'... and I have been able to slow down and think and ponder my word choices and try to get closer and closer to capturing what it is that i mean to say. One of the great difficulties is that I don't always know what it is I mean to say. when one thinks so closely on a subject, things start to waver. what is true? what is only sometimes true? how is it that when i call something or someone boring or lackluster, there is only a partial truth ? hmm. I mean to say, when I call something boring, that it doesn't light the spark within. that is what I mean to say. Sometimes my children and I experience that together, sometimes we don't.
I am going back down there now, and I will share sometime later this week what I am writing about this and about that. Happy Birthday to D.
enjoy the days.


Viv said...

Enjoy the beach from...ahem...the sand. ;)