Tuesday, August 3, 2010


what a tiny little prick can do, aye?
You think size matters?  ask the sucker who stung me.
ask the ants.
ask the Kindergarten registree.
Five is the number of the day, and five is going to camp full days this week to see if he can handle it, the impending Kindergarten fullday, three weeks from Now, and he can.  He loves it, he is tired and pissy, but he loves it.  His mother, on the other hand, is completely fried.
His brother, however, will have fatkid-itis and will watch more television than anyone else on the planet, while this mother tumbles around her empty house, moaning for a kid who is growing up.  Someone tell her that there is more than one, at your peril.
There is always the ceaseless repetition of marital difficulty.
She signed away for life insurance today as well.  There is money well spent, if, of course, one of us goes and dies. 
this is hard to process and hurts a little bit on top of an already large list of whinging whallopsing's...

until of course, the swelling subsides and I realize that I am not deathly allergic, just annoyed and in adjustment.


Nancy said...

One of your best. I think.

Kate Hall said...

thanks nancy. thanks.