Friday, October 22, 2010


My three year old is slowly deciding to give up his nap, at the strangest of times, and without changing his bedtime or rising time.  Even recovering from a fever, when most are apt to sleep MORE than normal? no go.
I am very tired from his fever. let me tell you. very tired.
My eyes are itching from the latest sickness... and he is cute, but the devil.
and i got him a new elephant toy (off the less is more wagon and on the halloween-candy-in-the-house-junkie-motionpicture show... picture Riley in the vampire crack den.... )
and said elephant toy is actually a lethal weapon to my knees, my belly and occasionally the head.  i want to melt it down in the fire.

and hubsJ is enjoying the mists of Seattle and so happy to be with an old friend. so happy.
It is sometimes easier to be alone in this parenting battle, especially temporarily, because there are no standards, no expectations... and I wonder if it isn't really like that all the time but for my mind's attachment to judging my own worth? ...
damn, I begin to believe that my only enemy is my own damn self. and it isn't actually helpful at this point.
they say 'knowing is half the battle'... well, great. half. battle. half.


Jen said...

Yes, when Mr. Handsome is gone, it all runs so much more smoothly. In that you are not alone. Saying goodbye to nap time is one of the tragedies of motherhood. Encourage"quiet time" just for your own well being!

Still Life With Coffee said...

My hubby is away right now too and some things are so much easier. Funny that. :-)

amyontheroad said...

love the buffy reference. hang in there; no nap doesn't have to mean no downtime.