Sunday, October 17, 2010

Not one of you...

I love the vegetarians, who love all things bean.
I love the people who cook, and freeze and always have something ready that is delicious and wholesome and just needs to be popped in the oven.
I love the people who clean their showers, all the time, so that the shower is the color the tile men think it should be.
I love people who make playdough each week, fresh and salty for the kiddos to eat.
I love the moms who work out.
I love the yogis who manage their breath during their non-yogi time.
I love people who smile as they walk down the street instead of staring at the cracks in the sidewalk.
I love the confidence of the multitudes who believe they are good and whole.

I am not one of you.
and that is where i am at.
working on it...


The D said...

I love people who are honest.
I love the people who can't quite see their own magic but know it is right there waiting for them and is willing to let others hold that space.
I love the people who know the difference between the battle and the struggle.
I love the people who see illness as a shift.
I love the people who try.

The D said...

I love people who make baby chakra blankets (with their name and a heart)...

Kate Hall said...

thanks, lovely D...

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I agree with The D.

I love people who give their kids a frozen pizza once in a while because they survived another day of parenting and that's all they have left in them.