Tuesday, October 19, 2010



1. No, i have not cut anyone's hair.  There is an unopened clipper on the counter, awaiting the time when the ugly bug of rut or lice-itude shows its head again.  I feel lame for not giving you a bald me but am very afraid that I will be cold and ugly AND bald when this happens and I am not alltogether comfortable with those three things.
2. The school is settling out, 23 kids in his class and things being dealt with in a sortof timely fashion.
3. Another PTO meeting, at which I spoke a bit in a fairly intelligent but vaguely pointless (certainly ineffectual) sort of way  ... stroke victims sat off to the side so I focused on them less.  have decided they are stroke victims instead of alcoholics as I can handle that more. The principal made cookies.
4.  The school nurse was totally cool about our lice problem and couldn't find any in his hair when i showed up that morning anyhow. totally cool.
4a.  Yesterday the school nurse called me to come pick him up because he had a rash and said it was because he ate strawberries.
4a1. he didn't eat strawberries, he had mosquito bites. 
hmmm. mosquito bites? hmmm. . . okay. okay.
5. I got his progress report today and says he needs improvement in writing.
hello? he is in school to learn how to write. to learn. how. to . write.

ha. ah.


Amateur Author said...

one time Josh was sent home by the school nurse for a mysterious rash on his face.
When his dad came in from the barn he said the "rash" was from suctioning cups to his face - haven't you done that before?
Dumb nurse.