Monday, October 25, 2010

the weird spot on the dresser...

I've set myself up to be a wierdo, i think.  I'm leaning into all these inexplicables, like I just don't support the drinking of cow's milk except in cereal or coffee.  true.
I have no real reason, just a feeling. unsupported by the hubs, by the way. He'd like us all to be guzzling the white stuff. . .
I also feel quite certain that every illness is a way for the body to plow through some sort of developmental stage.  Proven, as far as I am concerned, in the MASSIVE amount of feverish behavior being exhibited by the children and theirvery frazzled mother in this particular household. 
I am allowing the kids to watch the Power Rangers, all the time.  (very, very weird.)
I am becoming radically unconcerned with being involved in any outerworld activities. radical.
I am refusing to give any advice ever again, as I believe it to be part of the crapulent judgemental thing that is harmful to mom's [gah!! poor grammatical prowess, at show, and not deleted because that would be fraudulent] and women everywhere... , and am seriously considering shooting the next person who gives me some. (see: recently visited the extended family for a long long time)
My reactions to hubsJ are based purely (almost) on a desire not to expose vulnerability.  HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT?! the person i spend the most time with in the world, and i don't want him to know that i like him.

i think i might need to go see chakra carol again soon, just for me and some major chakric rearrangement. or maybe if she just pushed me off a ledge, that would do it...


Still Life With Coffee said...

I heard somewhere that unsolicited advice is criticism. Every since then, I have tried really really hard not to give unsolicited advice.
By the way... weirdos tend to be the cool people ;-)

urban craft said...

I didn't even know that the power rangers were still on tv.

I'm with you on milk. God knows what's in there.

I hate those rude advice givers too. Who the hell do they think they are. Although, I will take advice from you any day.