Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lazy Thinking

Man walks into the bar and says, 'I'm just a simple man, all I need to be happy is sex and straight communication'..

Bartendress pummels him into the ground..."boy, that boy needed some life experience..."

Ah, girls. . . evidently, the simple truth is that men are simple. they have very clear wants and needs and if we want to keep them happy, which is evidently, paramount... all we have to do is satisfy these needs and all will be well with the world.  (which one? i can't recall. )
Keep those menfolk happy.  Have sex! Communicate your fondnesses at all times.... its so easy, just add it to the 'to-do'...

Lazy thinking.
And, actually, insulting to the smart, complicated men that I know. While they would LOVE more sex, and good, clear, communication, they also have strong opinions, lifelong ambitions, weaknesses, and the occasional indescribable. I give on the idea that most men really love sex, i give. But when they get all they could possibly want, there is still all the rest of it... and still all within their OWN grasp (no puns intended).  Nobody else gives you what you want and solves all your problems. It is not how it happens.
This is the same lazy thinking that allows us to believe it matters what one's party is, when the results of getting our lives in line are the same, moving towards thrift, smart environmental approaches and responsible people in the government, it is lazy thinking to get all ramped up about an issue of 'belief' instead of taking steps to live ones own life in accord.
Give me more.


Owen A said...

first of all you are right- people in general and men in particular are more complicated than the Dr. Laura book would suggest []

I also think however, that why this fiction, this falshood, is so attractive, and tempting to subscribe belief/faith/scapegoat in is that I find that I spend a great deal of time/energy/mental focus/striving/pleading in this realm [of desire, of percieved unmet sexual {need?}, of longing for the feeling of satisfaction and belonging and acceptance that follows coitus with the one I love] - and it is, for the most part, a waste.

And for someone to suggest that if this one area wasn't such a struggle, that the rest of my life's problems could be addressed with more energy, attention and vigor--------
[is too tempting not to sign onto] even if I know [in my head] that you are true when you say it is lazy, that there remain wrinkles to resolve, that there are problems that sex doesn't solve at all. I don't expect to be always happy, and I don't expect someone else to 'make' me happy- that is my own mindset to attain, I certainly wouldn't claim that my happiness is paramount [or even a foothill]
I guess simplification of my [admittedly lazy] thinking here is that if I didn't have to ask on a hundred different occasions to find the right one- if agreement could be found- slightly more often, then, well- I would feel less frustrated in general. [[[however, ive also been told by the one i love, that i am hounding her- so - maybe it is all my own fault for trying to take the lazy way out]]] this post may be illadvised