Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seriously? How To handle embarassing things...

Yesterday Hubs J told me he thought I had a gift for happy.  He's not a sarcastic person, either.
he was talking straight.
of course,
-this was in the midst of an all out battle against the demon lice and the demon children who carry them, hatch them and completely freak their community bed-sleeping mother out of her ever-living mind.
AND- this was in the midst of the 'i'm so angry i could kick you' phase of the last post, which is still lingering and making me feel ... wait for it... angry.
and bad about myself and so on and so forth.

i have started journaling more again, and that is good, again... and i have been practicing reiki on my kids, which they love so much it is almost spooky.  they lie down, still, on the ground and wait for me to put my hands on them.  i hold my hands still on their body and empty my precious little brain of all thought, and just sort of listen to the world. and then move on to the next spot... the kids love it and my five year old infestation originator asked me yesterday if i could teach him how to do it. .. .

chakra carol is teaching me and the D. how to do reiki.  it is pretty damn cool. but I'm totally embarassed that I'm doing it and that its happening AND that i like it. ANd I feel like people are going to think that I'm fruity lala and that maybe I won't know how to cut them to shreds wittily when they do because i'm going to fall in love with the waves or living in yurts or something.
SO.  I handle my embarassment and fear by making it public.
now you know.
lice and reiki .
its all out there now.


Jen said...

You have to own it with pride. We've had lice twice. (Oooh! I am gonna write a dr. seuss book about it!) Each time it was horrible, but it will give you amazing blog fodder.

Jen said...

Okay, I am a totally reiki believer. I don't practice it but I know two people that are reiki masters. How can it NOT work. The universe is a powerful place. Proud of you for working on channeling it. Sorry about the lice. That sucks!

urban craft said...

Ages ago I was able to score a bunch of stones and crystals. I don't really know their uses (or names, even) but they live on the window pane behind the curtain. The sun apparently charges them. Reading this is funny because I have just recently come across more things on crystals. Have you heard of Moldavite. I think it's my next big purchase.