Monday, January 24, 2011


so, the experience I have had with ChakraCarol and the D is exploding my walnut heart, and I don't know how to proceed. Someone just told me I have lost the wrinkles in my forehead.  I think my head has been pulled off, or my final chakra has just ascended to the stars or something,
I got pulled out of the birth canal.  ! 
or I pushed off... swam away...

The sections i have just read of Teresa of Avila are forcing me into a new ballpark. well, they are not forcing me... I am forcing get a whole bunch more serious about being a prayer.
yep, a prayer.
fancy hat and all.
be it stetson, pimp, or bonnet, I am going whole hog on the hat-wearing, knee-bending prayer thing.
Wish me well. It is a vaguely familiar territory, but I've not been much for whole-hogging anything for awhile and I'm not sure how it'll fit with the whole rest of the shebangfamilymother life.
And what of it? If I share it, will people think I'm all crazy-like ?  I've always been all G-d talking anyways, right? but if I talk about it, does it make everybody all uncomfortable? is that my problem? or yours? or, since I've been writing for me, do I need to change that- or take your comfort level into account?
My God, how do I proceed?