Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Here I am last month in NYC, at the museum of modern art, next to a bunch of naked ladies in full frolic.  It is not my inner world these days.  BUT, last time I went to see Chakra Carol, for a second part of  our Reiki lessons, she told us to pick Tarot cards that could get us in the groove for the coming year.  and hold on, guess which lady I picked?  Hello-- more naked.  And my husband here interjects that it IS about time.
The Star lady also has a bit to do with self-esteem and meditation and replenishment. and quietude and strength in soft colors...  hm. go figure.
Happy New Year to you too...

I'm going to start seeing ChakraC more often, like in a regular routine, since I can't even fold six towels in the same way (my god, my brain is distractable and I have no sense of monotony!), in the hopes that I can get over my damn self and lead a more fulfilling and productive life, i.e. MAKE.  .   .  MAKE....  MAKE...
we'll all have to see.

(and no, i don't think ChakraC can DO anything for me, but maybe she can help ME DO something for me...)


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Sounds good. God, I have to call that woman.