Monday, January 17, 2011

Out of body, check me later...

I've been working on it... coming back from the no-man's land of the super-exclusive club of self-flaggelating self-centeredness. yep. and verbosity.
I'm back to my waking early and trying my minutes of meditation before the family rouses.  I'm back to reading, although i'm really uptight about what I am reading, but have to get to the end or it will track me down through my dreams (again).
The tree is down, the lights are up- albeit locationshwapping all around. I am awash with the knowledge that the kids are changing so so fast and while their time is swishing around, so is mine, it is just a matter of perspective that their changes look so much bigger than mine.  what is there to hold on to? hm. the times they are a changing. 
today we had the rock channel on in the car, seems like oldies, hello 60/70s, but the kids were crankin it out to the beatles 'come together' and it cracked me the hell up. as it should.
thats all. i'll come back with something more soon, i'm sure. just touching base.
do i use this like facebook? oh boy.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Them there are the thoughts that lead to... "oh, maybe just one more baby." :-)

Jen said...

In the lift line today, the speakers were cranking "Eleanor Rigby." Elvis in his loudest voice (which is really loud) declared "This is a terrible song." I didn't know whether to laugh or be embarassed. I love that the WMX kids appreciate 60/70's rock.

Really another baby? Oy. I cannot imagine but I also would love one with all of my heart. Is this an option?

Kate Hall said...

um, no baby. at all.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Don't tell HubsJ that. I think he's thinking that when you get into a new house, you'll have lots of room to... uh... expand!

Anonymous said...

facebook. Is that still around anymore?