Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today I am still here.

Woke up this morning and was all myself. familiar, when patted down, all my parts were recognizable and lovely. . . earthly delights.
brownies, babies, snowstorm coming... good smells all... maybe i'll get the oil changed.
I went back into the archives and read what i'd already written with the 'god' label and you know what? I've been on my way for a long time... good thing He is patient! (or, so I hear...:)
My wrinkles have come back, my skin is my own, again, after having been loaned out for a wild five day ride.  I am content to be back, having a concerted and real break from calmness lends one a new perspective on calmness that I was in great need of. what i have is good, amazing even, and in it are lots of nuggets of calm, shinings of the sun and the stars...
earthly and worldly delights, my friends. 


Valerie said...

This was a perfect post for me to read today. I'm feeling distant. It's nice to know it'll come back.

Jen said...


The Maven said...

It's good to know where you're at. I very much liked this. Rock on, mama!