Friday, January 21, 2011

Teresa of Avila, Saint T., to you...

I've been reading lately, and I have almost completely forgotten that I'm trying to get through War and Peace. It sits by my bed and takes up a goodly amount of the space in our bedroom and I still use it to put my glasses on when I go to bed at night and haven't touched it otherwise.  But I've read the entire Hunger Games trilogy, and I have to say I'm very uptight about it and don't really want to talk about it except that it must have been good? to give me nightmares and to require my attention until the complete end ( I had to finish it or I would have continued with the nightmares...) I think the books captured the nations' negative energy very well.  How else could they be so popular, with the lord of the flies feeling so permeating its storyline... ?  agck, i am glad they are over.
I've also picked up Teresa of Avila.  The poor saintly lady, so filled with so many things... it is a joy to read if you are able to skim her 'wretchedness' and her gratitudes, although the gratitudes are lovely and the wretchedness is giggle-worthy if you consider what she thinks are big sins would not even fill a raindrop of the pool i think of as 'big sins' these days, some of which are distinctly mine own.
Like most of the saints, she is plagued by doubt and feelings of unworthiness. sheesh. when mother theresa's journals were found, they showed the same thing... doubt, strong doubt.
i should certainly be able to lighten up on myself, right?! holy (no pun intended) smokes.



Jen said...

holy smokes. Hunger kid's genre. Haven't read, I should, or not. Doubt. I totally doubt, me not you. I'm with you and totally not saintly. Not in the slightest.