Thursday, January 27, 2011


Let go of the outcome.
sheesh. seems like a simple sentence. isn't. I'm both optimistic and pessimistic-  I want to try something ONCE and have it be perfect. If it is very hard, I figure it isn't for me and I drop it like a hot potato... if I could just let go of the outcome? I could get on with life, try new things and do what it is that I'd like to be doing, free.
(I just typed 'free', in a blogpost, holy smokes... I feel a bit conspicuous... but I also want to run down the street yelling 'FREE!!!' to my neighbors... so i figure this is a bit more tame, actually)
In an arguement with a spouse? let go of the outcome, don't expect an opinion change or a resolution or an understanding... speak clearly. listen well.
In an approach to childrearing? let go of the outcome, don't expect a one-size-fits-all, or a maturity that isn't there ... speak clearly, listen well.
In an approach to prayer? let go of the outcome, I don't know the knowing, I don't know what I should even expect... speak clearly, listen well.
Take action, move, make your choices, have your dreams, but let go of the outcome... be content with your choices...
let go of the outcome. . . that part is out of our hands...