Monday, January 31, 2011

Testing Testing

I'm 0-0 at resisting the gossip sin lately.  I think that means something in sports-talk, does it? anyhow, I'm zero wins for lots of tries... well, two that I can think of... I've been trying to squash it in my own home, and that seems just fine, hubsJ not being much on the gossip himself... but I'm getting engaged in it when I'm about town... and I'm meaning the negative stuff, not just storytelling or explaining a scenario in which two people didn't agree, but the expression of dislike, distaste, or, in the easiest way of all to put it, a heap of judgement that is undeserved. (there isn't any other sort, really)
I'm failing.
 But I'm also VERY conscious of it, so I still feel like I'm on a right path here... with some more practice maybe I can let go of the massive collection of judgements that I've got for people out there. 
Just ask me about something sure to set me off... try me out..I'm going to keep working on it, because while i love to use my wit, it just doesn't seem funny any more, it feels more like I'm contributing to what is running our country into the ground... it just isn't funny any more.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Uh oh.... next time we can talking sewing projects! ;-) I think I am an enabler!