Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gratitude list when things suck.

maybe a conundrum? dichotomy? oxymoron? I have no idea. but things sort of suck this morning and I am bucking the trend of self-dismay to write a list of what is not sucky.
These are the things I am thankful for, and its not even Thanksgiving, and I don't even have a box to put my quarters in...
1. put up the first birdfeeder yesterday, with two 3 year old who were righteously pissed that i wouldn't let them hang it inside.
2. fixed the two pair of pants that had fallen hems... O pioneer!
3. The room that may become the sewing room is heavy on the morning light. LIGHT!!
4. I'm meeting an old friend at the beach today, our five children will entertain themselves without drowning...  what a crazy amazing sentence.
5. I'm going to take recycling to the dump this morning and it fills me with glee to have the porch back to its porchly glory.
6.  I love dumps.
7. there is a lot of space here for me, a room, a morning chair, a frenchpress coffee maker... I will 'live' here.
8. Registered the 6 for school yesterday and found a space for the 3 in an afternoon preschool... they will live here too...
9. Had egg/blackbean tortillas last night with tons of sour cream. OH LOVELY.. I wish Mexico were closer. or Texas.
10. My kids are still in bed and its almost 7 AM .  how beautiful is that?

less sucky now.


Nancy said...

Yes. Beauty. It's always there, we just don't always see it. Thanks for the reminder.

Still Life With Coffee said...

loved the list.... number 10 especially. :-)

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I like this list. Starting to think that I need to reconsider waiting to send the turtles to preschool when they are four.