Sunday, July 24, 2011

OH MY. OH! a ramble.

Had a hard time going to sleep last night  ... for no apparent reason. HubsJ says my sexdrive is finally kicking in after 37 years and I should have woken him... finally did fall asleep, woke at 5:40, and that would be AM.  not nursing, not pregnant, no newborn in this house. 5:40.  damn.
and an OH MY. 
can i get a witness?

church day.  While I had a great deal of meditative quietude this morning, I am still missing the ritual of an early morning hallelujah to God and his wacky son Jesus.  I really am, but I am more unsure about visiting churches in a non-urban environment as I will stick out as foreigner more.  Although, I was one of five parishioners at the church service I attended in the big city.  Perspective is all.  I should look around less I think.

I'm taking the 6 to get a DS today, a handheld lovey electronica.  because he 'earned' it with monumentally good behavior over the past month.  a deal was made, this is the outcome. a win-win as far as I am concerned because it is portable and will be smashed with a hammer if he ever calls me 'stupid' again. I think it is fair.  the consequences will be clear and will match the rage that burns on the inside as I deal with too many boys in my life.  (uh, not the divine ones, though. perhaps the problem lies therein?) hm.

can i get a witness? could you be mine?

won't you be mine?
won't you be my neighbor?...