Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's your Art? Your Make? Your Love?

What do you make? Are your hands busy with foods? papers? pencils? fabric? words? children? Do you type fanatically when you get here because 'the life' is spilling all over the place and your passions drive you? Do you spend a month preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner because it is the best time of the whole year?
What do you Make?

I still haven't unpacked my sewing machine.  Mugs have been higher on the list, Mugs!  But I am likely to have an entire space devoted to the sewing, and it is incredible, albeit currently a stopping ground for the things that have no place. . . but I know where the box is.  So - I feel the 'make' coming on...

I saw chakra carol yesterday. we talked about changing definitions of love, how many things we want to be capital letter LOVE, that just aren't.  and how...much easier it would be for us if we let go of our notions of what should be and just looked around at what IS.  How much of our belief patterns developed in our teens? How much have we looked into how we feel now? Re-assessing our perceptions to make them current, applicable to current realities - utterly removed from molly ringwald and judd nelson (gasp).  Not even John Cusack (stabbing myself in the eye to let that one go...) .

Does the 'make' hold hands with the love? is it prioritizing my Self above the unpacking of the mugs that lies beneath? Second and Third Chakras must hold hands! Must! The choice to leave the house for meetings that feed my self-esteem, to leave the kids? temporarily? to leave the house for physicality? Sometimes the amount of planning involved just to leave is an overwhelming obstacle. Mugs, Love, Make, Children.  well, word order, hello. no making children anymore. so. Children, Mugs, Love, Make.  better. :)