Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jonesing for some Ice Cream.

I'm not really sure if thats the appropriate spelling for jonesing... should it be jonsing? joansing? too much flexibility with this damn english. if i had another to switch to , i would. right now.

but really. I'm not a fanatical ice cream eater, its a rare pleasure, but today is flippin hot and i've been to the dump and my kid is asleep and i have a lot to do that doesn't involve this here timesuck and there are people coming to 'see the house' tonight as well as an overnight convalescer and I AM IN NEED OF SOME COLD BEVERAGE.  but by beverage, i mean ICE CREAM.

my mind is on pause and my fingers are still going.  this town does not have town trash pickup. and i have to bring my trash to the dump in an old chevy impala which usually has kids in it. Today I just brought the recycling because it is so flipping hot that I am SCARED to look into the trashcan without a hazmat suit on and I am SCARED to put it in my car trunk... I may never be able to use it again. literally.

oh dear god, i dread the trash. I do have gloves and I will wear clothing free to be burned. we will see.

keep me in your prayers these days (for reasons other than the trash, I swear) because I need some bolstering. crazy life.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

This here timesuck-- the perfect name for a blog!

I want ice cream too.