Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Looking for the MOJO...

Aside from the very obvious chaos of moving, I haven't got a reason for my writing having changed flavor, and I'm on a search: either for a reason, or for the flavor of familiar. I'm going to see Chakra Chakra today for the first time in a while and thats always good fodder for my brain and sets me on a good track... and I think I've committed to posting every day for a week or so... to see if the publicity of it will drag me back up to my own standard of interest.  I have been journaling, and think maybe the riches are going there, but I don't want to give that up, its the first time in years that I have journaled consistently and I like the total and utter privacy that comes with pen to paper.  It is more than a like, I confess.  I deeply love it.
Maybe the riches are just gone, dulled by the humidity, slightly curled and thus ill-fitting. 
I am very slightly intrigued enough to try and write them out.

*The boy-who-was-5 woke up an hour earlier than usual this morning because today is the first day of summercamp, and he will spend all four days left of this week riding a bus, sweating with children his age and exploring hot outdoorsy play... there may not be enough coffee in this world to get me through the wild nervousness I have felt in the past 12 hours, a bus! he's going on a bus!  its not even literal nervousness, I know busses will serve him well in his life... its just a new thing he is growing into and the 'bigboyness' of the summer is getting to me. a pool! a pool!  he is going to learn to swim (more) without me?! holy shoot. I feel like a newbie kindergarten mother all over again...

*I will show picturesof our new digs and the toy chaos within,  but I can't find the cord that attaches everything to everything else so there is that.