Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bountiful, Utah

I signed up to do this craft swap over on UrbanCraft with some pressure from HereattheHive and ended up trying to make some sort of representation of the Olympic mascot Quatchi. (as in a cute japanified SASQUATCH... i know, unbelievable... hehe) well, they are clearly cousins. right? I realized after I sent it that I had forgotten to make any referral to the Olympics. Oh hell, well its the actually fashion forward wilderness sasquatch who forgot to watch the Olympics that I made, i guess. Some of my upper Maine cousins look just like this. I swear.

ANYWHO. it was actually good to have a task unrelated to the babyquilt that is now in its 9th month of labor... seriously, i could have grown an entire person in the time it has taken me to STILL not be done...
so- i used all things from my grammie's stash, an old bag she gave me formed the body of the quasi-quatchi, old fabric (faaaabbbbricccckkk) made the lining, old buttons for the eyes, old binder for the 'handle' and yes, those teal things ? were earmuffs for the quatchi-inspired purse.

I had to send it out today to a woman in a town called Bountiful. really.

Its something that we miss here in New England, I think... All of our towns are so much a copy of wherever the first settlers were from, namewise or geographywise: New Bedford, New York, WestPort, Newport, Portland, Yarmouth, Dartmouth, the best I like is Fairhaven, which seems so familiar and welcoming, although the reality is not quite so lovely... or else we've gone native and live in Pawtucket, Narragansett, Montauk, etc... although I live near Providence, which has the same beginnings...

A name like Bountiful. what a good start. illustrious, hopeful, some pioneer with a bible planted his feet on the soil and felt the hand of God. . .
and his wife fed the baby in the wagon, harvested the berries by the side of the road and made preserves for the winter. . .

all those dreams and aspirations for the future. ah. I still have them, I still have them.

bountiful. abundant. fertile.
(no, i'm not..:)
but I am. you see?
you are too.


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Jen said...

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