Monday, March 22, 2010

Lazy Git

I've kept a red bottle of some sort of drinkmix, leftover from one of Russell's summer visits, forever. Its tiny, its color is fabulous and I've always wanted to see just what I see up there. . . a red glimmer sun spot. a cardinal. My husband pointed it out the other day and I ran to get the camera.

and it made me notice the wishbone, which has since been snapped ... the four year old won his wish... i imagine it had something to do with a batman cave...
my challenge today was to find a wonderful photo and write about it because I am downright weepy and melancholic and just overly frustrated with the familiarity of the mood. I feel like there is a bag of juju fish somewhere in my mansion calling me out.... think 'the haunting' or some other scary movie where something bad is lurking, and making strange noises.... oh brother.

the weather today is grey, but it has literally been glorious all week. GLORY-ous. and I've been in a non-hormonally induced depression/cave. I don't think I need medication, I think I need to figure out what it is that I want and how to get myself headed there. I need to go see Carol, chakra Carol... and get her to shake my energy up a bit, maybe that'll make it easier to see my way out of this fogfug. I would like a window of quietude, my kids are wonderful and frankly magical on a regular basis, but they also hit me and call me stupid, so its a hard balance to strike... today I am unimpressed with my lassitude.


Amanda said...

well, you brought me so much joy today -- the kind of joy that found me sitting on my kitchen stool soaking your leeter in while numerous little beings vied for my attention. and me, transfixed by cute white stationary with a lady walking a dog.

you're up next, watch your mailbox.

Jen said...

Fogfug? If I hadn't had my uterus removed I would consider naming my next child that. "Fogfug, get your ass out of the road, we play on the sidewalk damnit!"
"Fogfug, you don't stick your tongue out at that old lady like that!"
"Fogfug apologize to your Father, he isn't really a jackass!"

Tomorrow it will be sunny, by golly. I swear if it isn't sunny I am finding some lame kitty hanging from a tree 1970's poster for you. It say's "Hang in there baby!"

Viv said...

(((Kate))) I swear, if I get to take a nap today, I will wake up smiling. Then you will have to smile, because the thought of me having to take Advil to soothe my sore under-used smile muscles will inspire you, to not let the same thing happen. I imagine it will be similar to feeling like a loser, for being sore after I play a game of darts.