Tuesday, March 2, 2010


click on 'jah' and you get some serious goodness.

I don't like to cook, I really don't. The whole mixup is no good for me. I think, the truth is, that I am a perfectionist in the kitchen and that means it is unenjoyable. Who wants to fail all the time? Plus, the kids have hit the ages of no-eating, unless it is a hamburger, frenchfries, or a chicken nugget... preferably with a toy nearby... and so I am screwed. My husband does cook and loves to cook and makes incredibly ornate and complicated things with ease and excellent results. So- he does Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the nights he is home.

I only like to cook if I know that it is going to be fabulous... damnit.
so i don't try too many new things you see. Last night I did... I've been looking into batch cooking, so I make enough at one meal to freeze and then I get a night where all I have to do is thaw, and no cooking for me is a very good night...
So I made sweet potato black bean burritos.
holy hell.
SOO good.
try them.
I used black beans instead of kidney beans as i truly hate kidney beans. TRULY. You make up a bean mash with spices - I changed it up as the chili factor had to be altered for my kids...and then mix it up wiht the chunks of sweet potato and get it all cheesy-like. holy hell.
EVERYONE loved it. toddlers and fouryearold devilgoat boy alike...
SOO good.
try them.
now. for chrissakes, now.


Still Life With Coffee said...

ha ha... I am totally not a cook either and partly for the same reasons you mention. Will try the black bean burritos

Jen said...

The sound amazing and if your kids loved them it's a keeper. I'm going to try, maybe tonight. Thanks for the hint!

urban craft said...

JAh, awesome, Must make, and good switch with the black beans. Kidney beans also not a favorite over here either.