Thursday, March 11, 2010

here me roar.

yesterday I was the 'duty mom' at C's preschool co-op. So, I made the snack and helped kids wash hands and lay on the floor and played blocks and it was alltogether the same as what I do every day except that there were 15 of them, and only one was alltogether mine... so it was wonderful. really. At the end of the morning, S. got sick. not mine. not vomit either, but that weepy, inconsolable bundle of wanting to cry and go to sleep that little kids get? you know that? little bit hot, not fevered but just not comfortable and certainly, not happy. It was the very end of the morning so his mother had already left to come to school so all the other kids went to play outside and I stayed in the quiet classroom to rock him and hold him and brush his forehead with my palm.

He curled up in the space between my legs and fell asleep.

When his mom got there I was all choked up because I hadn't realized how little it mattered that it wasn't my kid.... the level of mother that I have turned into was astonishing. and awe-some.

here I am , kate, knowing what to do with someone sick, comforting them, caring for them and getting worried/involved with their wellbeing. . . all this wit aside, I am a Mother. beat that archetype, baby. pun intended.


TheD said...

You are the MOTHER I am looking around for when my kids get sick! I am calling you next time.
Bravo! What a fantastic gift of an experience for you... and even more that you actually recognized it as such.

Still Life With Coffee said...

So sweet. That little sick child (and mom) were lucky you were there to help. I love the image of the curled up child falling asleep in your lap.