Monday, March 15, 2010

today i am full of loathing...or would be if I could muster the passion for it...

its been raining for about a week here and everything has become a struggle. all of it. I am tired of the struggle of relationships, tired of children trying to sleep on my ear or in my nose. literally. I am considering moving out of my bedroom to give them more room. I'll move into the living room and just sprawl to my heart's content on the sofa. what is my heart's content? where the hell is it?
I am going to miss winter, although it may not even be gone, it is certainly in its death throes here. I love the certainty that I feel in keeping my kids warm, I am so certain that turtlenecks prevent colds that I would lay down my dignity and go on oprah to say so. . .
The darkness for dinner is warm and comforting, the food is bulky and nourishing in so many ways. The snow is fun and watchable in all its stages. I am going to miss it, even while spinning in the spring.
once it stops raining.
evidently, i am not the cool girl who digs dancing in the rain anymore. she is still there but hiding in the closet with all those clothes I have yet to pack up and haul out.


Viv said...

Turtlenecks? What? Until my mother packed up a half zillion of her turtlenecks and passed them on, we had one per person, unless of course, you wore a size similar to another sibling or me.