Wednesday, March 17, 2010


What is this? illusion that we've got to control all the elements of our lives, our kids' lives, our spouses? if i let my kid play with the kids across the street and don't peer out the window every four minutes, or is it three? that I will be personally responsible for the drama that occurs? whatever it may be...

what control do we have over our kids' happiness, in the end? are they going to break bones, get heartbroken, fight with us, have 'bad' friends?

yes, they are.


my god, what have we gotten ourselves into?

the stupid and yet brilliant newyorktimes articles on mommy blogging have set off a wild avalanche of stupid comments and an equally wild avalanche of smart mothers actually (in a wicked meta-meta way) commenting on the commenters.

truly wicked to look at, but somewhat dizzying - so i have looked away.

-in about 3 minutes, i can get a tremendous amount done, if i am focused. it is astounding .

and happens about once a month, and it was not today. no, it wasn't . but i played outside with my kids for hours, before i made dinner for my parents and my kids. again, meta meta.

and my god, again, all of this will change, again, in a minute. AGAIN! damnit.

and again, and then... again. . .


Viv said...

It was the shot heard round the bloggy world, I am afraid. I haven't looked at the comment stream yet today...I'm considering that progress. ;)