Friday, March 26, 2010

pathetic oh pathetic

i haven 't been able to think of a thing to write, all day. i've tried. it hasn't been a bad or a good day, just somewhat indifferent... i threw away all the makeup i own, because- with the exception of some marykay that I've gotten from my favorite marykay lady- the last time i bought makeup i was not even married. that would make it roughly 8 years old, 9 if you assume like i do that i didn't buy it right before i got married either. so we are cleaning house. I've packed up all the diaper creams and nipple creams and put them aside, we'll see about that, we'll see.
I wish i could tell you it felt lighter in here, but no. just a house without makeup and the eyes without strain... we're working on it... working.


Still Life With Coffee said...

I love scavenging around under my bedroom sink only to find 10 year old lipstick. And then... to toss it away with a ceremonial kiss good-bye. good for you. Even if it doesn't make you feel lighter, it sure is a good thing to do.