Monday, July 5, 2010

I do not like the fourth

so sue me.

there are fireworks for three days straight in my neighborhood. the local baseball stadium packs them in for three nights, beginning this year on thursday and each night at 9:30 we have a whambamthankyoumaam party that rocks the house.

and i just don't like it.

my kids are mostly asleep by then, and my wholebody flinch with each and every bang leaves this motha sort of frazzled. the kids who aren't asleep are bugging the hell out of me to go visit the neighbors who are out on the street running around with their kids in highly inappropriate drunkenbinge-ness.

and i just don't like it.

call me anal. call me anal, go ahead.


i see that everyone else LOOOOOVEs it. and i am glad for them and sad for myself that i am stuck in a rut the size of canada and cannot feel the love.

but i guess, i'll always have my rut.... maybe i should examine it more closely, make it my friend, learn to feel the bliss of my own set of rugged granite boulders. . .

rugged allows for handholds, you know. i could even climb if i felt like it.

but, clearly, i am more of the mind to sit down, enjoy the shade at the bottom of my ravine and wait and see what sort of wildlife is going to show up down here.

(besides that of the neighbors, of course) .

and, by the by, I am still more awake. (doesn't mean i am a joy factory. just awake, which is Good.)


Big Girl said...

Love your sarcasm and honesty! LOVE it!

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I hate it too. Is it wrong to wish we were still ruled by the Brits? I mean, Christ, can't a woman just get some national health services around here.

Oh, and the heat, well that can go to hell.