Friday, December 3, 2010

All of a sudden

We have dinner guests coming tonight. and, as luck and the strange characteristics of my husband would have it... we have,  gluten-free living loving vegetarians (children AND adults), some plain old vegetarians, one meat-only adult, and then my own famdamily itself_which has been tending towards the chickennuggetwhite diet of the millenia.
what to do?
holy smokes.
I'm thinking about nachos.
and steak.

I wish I had known about this before this morning. I cleaned, rather than grocery shopped, as no one would eat here if I hadn't... I also called a cleaning lady. NO Shite. really, i did.  I need someone with skills, determination and some seriously poisonous substances to come into the bathroom of this house and I am willing to pay. PAY.

But I am also willing to make my husband PAY for this, as trite and old-school as this may sound.  (and small, don't forget how small it makes me seem) what? NO NOTICE? I think I've seen this show on tv. i swear. Maybe I should order something expensive online. huh. no thrill there. shoes? no.
No inner thrill at the retail end of things?!
what a strange post.
See what happens when I get kicked out of November?


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Oh no, I hope there isn't a naked sauna at the end of this evening.

Paying someone to clean = More happiness than you can possibly imagine.

Seriously, there is actually someone these days who has a meat only diet?! Is his name Weston Price?

Still Life With Coffee said...

I love this post. So... what did you serve? And was there a naked sauna? so curious ;-)