Monday, December 13, 2010


Techno no longer is just for dancing... when 'linked' in the big city, all the information of the world is at your fingertip/phonefinger... so i'm copying, from the uburbs.

HubsJ and I were away for two whole nights in the big city, the big Apple, no less. We spent the weekend with our blessedly child-free creative-genious genuinely genuine friends in their sprawling pad off of Lexington Avenue...I went to the Frick for the first time, and also MOMA.   (these are entire posts, waiting to explode in my visual life...)  . . I ate soup dumplings(can't recall the restaurant name..but everyone who is everyone ELSE, can.) and chicken mole (courtesy of fabu homies), and a pot of cheese well as bacon and eggs (again, the lovely home). . .saw the GayMensChorus singing Christmas Carols on the Hi-Line....  got gloves....did not lounge around with them on... or pay for them... started to read a book...thought about books I'd like to read again... Madame Bovary Madame Bovary... rode some trains...walked... held hands with HubsJ...learned that Paul Klee is probably pronounced Klay, which since I have never spoken his name aloud, was a shocker... learned about myself that I belong in a different era, romantically speaking... give me a swishing bustle, thats what i say... and a paintbrush.  I wish to be Lee Krasner, too... I wish to  have all of this on a more regular basis... I wish to have it all without any sacrifice of what I already have... and . because wishes have always driven me crazy for the innate longing/depression I feel for having them?  I am going to do something about it all and I do not know what will be done.  Haircuts do not cut it, I tell you without punning.  Find the link for this, would you?


Jen said...

I'm all "aww" and "hot" and "awww, again." and then i said, "yumm." and then" jealous" and then in a Utah accent,"fer reals, Elizabeth Smart?" Congrats on acting like a big girl. So proud and super envious of you and HubsJ!