Thursday, December 2, 2010

Books and their Stupid, Stupid endings...

I've read a couple of novels lately, wonderful characters, beauty all around... and each time I've gotten to the end I feel distinctly robbed.  All these accolades, these wild praises for the 'debut'... and it feels as though the pressure is just too much and by the time they reach the end of their project, they are just too worn out to have an actual, definite end.  And I am not suggesting that the ends are not 'my taste' and so I am disappointed, its more like, they just put their project down and walked away.  when someone reminded them of the ending, they wrote ... 'and then she woke up.', considered themselves finished and moved on to the book tour.
I am not saying my life is overly full.  I am not one to overcommit and I am perhaps more reclusive than most.  However, my time is still precious and I want my novel reading time to fill me up and allow me to flush my system into the dreamy. . . so what up?! novelists, I demand you work harder. Produce less, goddamnit, but make it MORE.

Don't Make me read The Chronicles of Narnia AGAIN.  Even C.S.Lewis needs a break now and again. and I am getting old.


Jen said...

Do tell what you read. Have you read Cutting for Stone? It was a really great book. I found the ending quite satisfying.......