Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who are you? and the rut is back in town...

Who is out there? who are you guys? There are times I definitely feel something is lost, for me, here. Its all getting repetitive, I am having deja vu about thoughts, before I'm even writing them down here... and I am wondering who is reading here? who? c'mon, lurkers. show yourselves, or old friends? talk to me.

The realtor told me that I'd be lucky to sell this house for 40K less than what I owe on it.  annunciate with me, forty thou.sand. doll. lars.
 whooosh. well.
I don't have that much in my savings plan.
The tax man made me write a check for 5K today.
Since when do I throw Ks around? like illegal inside baseballs.
who am i? yikes. I'm working on a lot of things and feeling bleak in the darkness over here. like so many things have changed and yet nothing at all has changed and I am stuck.
Here's to hoping a sparkly interior decorating scheme will soothe my jaded soul.  I'm off to turn on the lights, baby.


amyontheroad said...

i'm here; always reading you. and feeling guilty about not writing. enjoy the holiday and try to put off the house worries until the new year. much, much love to you and yours.

Owen A said...

responding to request for roll call: "here" |_|
indeed the real estate thing sucks in a way that defies and redefines that term. Is not moving 'now' an option? [on the plus side- it is likely that where ever you may be moving to has been similarly devalued- and- therefore you may be getting a "bargain" .. ] I'm finding these words empty in the face of the five digit number you mentioned earlier. sending them toward you any way- as these and my hello are all I have to help

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Stay my kind-of neighbor a little longer. $40K makes my heart skip a lot of beats. Any chance you can rent it out? Sorry for the terrible news.

D&d said...

I am here - I guess officially Lurking. Wish you guys could come down and visit sometime (summer, beach, deck) or that we could arrange a visit to you - maybe once you're settled...
have a wonderful holiday. I think of you all often. -d

Nancy said...

Here! Faced the same sort of staggering number just a few months back...time has a way of working things out even if all you do with that time is get used to a tough idea.

But! Merry Christmas anyway!