Saturday, December 4, 2010

Out of this world...

HubsJ is not one to panic in the kitchen... First, a carpaccio... yes, that would be almost entirely raw meat. We had visiting Germans.  hello, meat.  We served up a turkey soup, some with noodles, some without.  And a wild cheese nut plate for the meatfree... not so much, but substantial enough and turns out they had the turkey soup broth and didn't mind the meat addition to their vegetarianism.  I made bread, hearty slices and melting butters abounding. There was also a cassoulet with all the things that my family will eat, chicken, turkey, sausage and cannellini.
holy smokes.
There were more people here than we had on Thanksgiving, and master HubsJ really pulled it off... good thing he only worked half a day and could groceryshop himself silly...
It was actually much better than I had envisioned, and I even managed to have some conversation, which is something I like quite a bit.
and that is how it played out.  and this morning, it is full-on collapse.
playdate played, tea with honeys and elderberry juice and we are making due with the congestions and consistent drips because there just is no other choice.
and now? we nap.
and that, is what is out of this world.


Kitty Moore said...

I was exhausted just reading all that - enjoy your nap!

Jen said...

So glad you did not order something outrageous on-line. Like liver pate' or a fancy roast beast. You did all on your own you crazy homemaker (not crazy like Paula Deen) crazy good. Hoop Hoop for youp youp!