Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Homies, I enjoy  the hell out of myself on a regular basis, I do, really.  I kept trying to type, I need... but my fingers kept hitting the en and I had to figure out what the hell sort of channeling I was doing... and there it is... I lit upon it.  (or my fingers did. ) 
I am generally quite light hearted, full of it, one might even say.  I am not pessimistic, I am a compulsive defender, quick to imagine (and say) that there are a wild myriad of things that could be 'other' than what they appear.  It drives most everyone nuts. eh.
And this mothering gig?  Some days it is just a trip. And on the other days, there are still parts of it that are downright trippy.  The kids getting older is a big big! part of that, and the fact that there are only two of them and I am sort of starting to be able to ignore them/parent them from afar... or, farther, at least... and I get to be home, so, as hard as that can be- I think its easier than dropping them off somewhere (for which one must work to prepare, work to provide, work to supply,etc.), going to a job, and then picking them up and doing all the whole mothering/parenting/housekeeping thing in a much much shorter timeperiod. so, i have it easy, i say. easy.
Did i want to kill my kids today? yes, only one, and only once (and the day is young. 4:30PM...) but still, once the adrenalin rush passes by, and you can shake off that shakey feeling, there is food and there is a warm and cozy nest of a house that I have made, here.  me.
so there it is, homies.


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You just described how I've been feeling today!