Sunday, December 19, 2010

Got up two hours before everyone else today

They all stayed up late enjoying the fruits of my labor.  I sold a table and moved things around and all of a sudden our tiny house has exploded and is now just gigantic. we have an actually useably fantastic room containing all the big kid items and a woodstove. I will show it eventually, but know this: it is warm, it is carpeted and i am in love. LOVE. I even lit a fire first thing this morning, when the three woke up. the kids are playing there now , with blocks, with figures, while i sit with the cat on my lap, like i'm a lady of leisure and coziness all over.
In my early two hours I have written, and am reading and am drinking some lovely coffee. it is all lovely and the lights are a-sparklin'. 
these are my moments, we are making the house more and more perfect as we prepare to leave it... and I am learning more and more about how to do this 'making of a home' gig. . .
i'm very proud of what is here and what our focus is in terms of the kids and the environment I am giving them in which they will figure themselves out... (wordy and slightly awkward but still valid)

(and yes, when my hubsJ told me he had to go into work for a worried mother, i burst into tears... evidently the hysteria is just below skin-deep...)


Amanda said...

I can only bear to catch up on this one post and go forward -- it's been too long since I've checked in and I have little to no idea what is happening in your life that lends itself to just-below-skin-deep hysteria. But I will check in more now :-)

Jen said...

This makes me so happy. I love that you are loving your space. Enjoy for the duration!