Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day of the THREE

the boy is now officially three and I can finally drop the 'almost' that has long existed in my compulsivevocabularyoftruth and that is quite blissful.... we spent the morning at the library, were visited by a housecleaner who (very very annoyingly) gets PAID to do what I do all the time and I look around and think to myself, geez, if I picked up like this every day, I would be crazy, prematurely grey, and the house would be tidy. hm. how much is this worth to me? I am not really sure, frankly.  I am willing to pay this woman because I think it'll help me when I get ready to put it on the market, but I am really really annoyed that someone else has gotten paid to clean my house, and the difference is primarily all the tidying that I have to do first, before she can get to the grit.  I had hoped it would make me all chirpy and the like, but surprise to the third! no. evidently i am not as chirpy as I thought I was in the last post.
The Three split his brother's lip open with a rhinocerous toy this afternoon.  I think that exemplifies everything about three.
today. today. today...


Amateur Author said...

Someone at playgroup was just talking about the cleaning person thing. She said that she felt like when one person works and the other doesn't it's kind of like the working person is paying the non working person to clean up the house. This playgroup person doesn't want that and would prefer to pay someone else to do that. So that's there plan - starting in a year or so. I don't know if that helps - instead of you being paid (although it doesn't feel like you are) - someone else is being paid.
But yes, cleaning for the cleaning person is annoying - no personal experience but my parents had someone come for about 6mos one time and I remember my mom saying that :)

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I'll gladly pick up all my crap and that of my children just so I don't have to mop the #$*#& floors. Which, by the way, did not happen for the entire first year of the Turtles' lives but now I'll throw their supper on them and feel totally fine about it.