Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Believe in Lack?

For the longest time, Chakra Carol, or CC as I will now call her, has been saying this thing to me directly, but I've been letting it pass by because I didn't really get it and thats how I handle these things most of the time.  I assume I'm a little bit thick and things will settle in or eventually just enter my verbiage by osmosis.  And to my surprise, I think I've sort of glommed on to this one.  Its a matter of faith...
Do you believe God provides you what you need?  its basically a yes or no here.  If you believe that G does in fact, provide you and all with what is needed, then you cannot believe that you don't have enough. the two are not compatible. 
this is not an arguement for joblessness or passivity... :)
but so there. CC's language has always been, 'but do you believe in lack?' when I've been moaning about what isn't or what could be... ow what i'm upset about presently and I've always thought I've known what she meant, but now I actually know that I do, on something closing in on a molecular level.   For me it is a reminder to check myself on what exactly I do believe.  And I do believe that I have what I need.  Is it everything that I want? Sheesh, can't even begin to approach that one... but I don't care right now.  I have what I need. 
I did yoga today and my three year old insanitypackage did it with me, and that was pretty damn awesome to see and I am proud to be exposing him to that.  Did some reiki on my bad self and didn't that complete calendar screwup just make my day something valuable?  huh.  ALMOST as if I'd had a real life appointment with CC.
the yoga made me smile.
rock it.