Thursday, October 13, 2011

I've been lying? is that true?

I've been telling everyone here how much I am looking forward to the first snows here.  It is a new house to me, and a wild space outside and I am so curious about how it will pan out... will the deer show themselves? Will the tracks be mysterious? Will the damn coyotes get less frightening? yowlhowls subsiding as it freezes up? Will the house be warm enough? will the 'mudroom' actually work that way? as in, actually containing the 'mud'/snow/sluckslush mix? will there be quietude? cocoa? hotcider? will there be enough rugs? will the pellet stove really work to heat this space? i'm so curious... and excited about it... and thinking about christmas lights already... warmth in the glow and the whatnot. . . :) ah... bliss....
and as always, there is a 'but'...

This boy is about to scream blo-ooh-ooody murder
because there is snow on his face.

but i just saw a photo on another blog, of a family tromping through thin snow in their boots, coats, hats, scarves, and i'm sure, double socks, longjohns, motherswears, mittens, peedisasters, and so on and so forth ... and so i decide to be glad of the lingering fall and the wild luxury of having no place to go and the days of damp cold to experiment with lighting the stove to see how it works, to have the living room at 70 degrees just with the flick of a switch... to open a window to the outside to realize it might be warmer out there... to receive packages in the mail because the maillady is willing to get out of the truck and throw them on the porch... and I am content here and now, I am.
and we have a family of wild turkeys visiting us every now and again. and i just pinch myself sometimes. it is all so different from where i was last year. so different in so many ways... so many of the struggles have come with us, but so many are gone from the world. and the spaces and the joys are overwhelming at times but here. here.

plus, I just had a cookie and the sugar is whipping the hell out of my inner puritan.  and the battle can be part of the thrill ... but that is another post.
so there.


Nancy said...

Oh I just love this. Looooooove.