Monday, October 17, 2011

Wolves in my hair

The fabulous six year old in my midst is a wolf ninja currently.  He is playing with legos in full costume.  I am off the list of potential meals evidently, so that is good.  Please don't get him started about werewolves, there are a whole lot of rules for werewolf behavior that are very very important... and he knows because, you see, he is one. 
`There are many times lately that I am worried for him, sometimes thrilled but worried nonetheless. The kid is a wild wound muscular thing, and much of him is a mystery to me.  Some of this i'm sure has to do with his being away from me in school all day and the switching of his 'play' to 'work', and I'm not altogether sure what to do about it, if anything.  Are my kids supposed to be anything but mysterious to me? He gets goals in soccer, something I don't think I managed ever in my slow sad career. He runs like the wind, and the snake, and the tree. It is actually beautiful to watch him go... but hard as hell to handle when his body has been cooped. He moves so fast, he's going to have trouble with reading, as he's on to the next page before he's done the one in front of his face... meaning is down, but accuracy will matter sooner or later. to him. to the story.
The younger of the boys is 'that age' as I say over and over and I just cannot begin to tell the time I spend chasing him. I cannot.
I've been doing allright, got some writing done, some meditating... slacking on the yoga and the veggie meals although we've got frozen pizza for dinner tonight and I suppose that counts if you want to be SUPER lame. I choose LAME sometimes.  I do go to see Chakra Carol again tomorrow and I'm really liking those days as I get about an hour free before I get there, so I treat myself to a healthy lunch that someone else makes and I might even shop for groceries or something that is quite the accomplishment.  She gave me two pieces of homework last time and I've only done one, so maybe i'll stay up late tonight and send myself through the illumination wringer just to satisfy my twelve year old self ... getting all my homework turned in on time. ...
wolves wolves wolves in my hair...

*can i just tell you that I was an ENTIRE WEEK off my schedule and that I can't see Carol because my appt is not til next week.  luckily, my motherinlaw babysitter was on her schedule just fine and didn't show, which means i'm home, with runnerchild, with homework done and illumination wrung... goh.