Friday, October 28, 2011

Good Goddamn

I'm tired of reading so much anger about the protestors down on Wall STreet. so tired. I've read things about how priviledged they are, how misguided, how 'entitled', how hypocritical they are with their computer stations and $100 shoes and yogamats and all that.  and it still doesn't change a goddamned thing. what the majority of the country SHOULD be angry about is not the dreads, or the yoga or the twitter flutter, but the ways in which the american dream has been sold.  It is just simply this, it is no longer enough to work your hardest and try to better yourself, you can't do it... the system is rigged.  It doesn't mean we have to lie down and cry about it, but this country of immigrants and hardworkers should certainly have something to say about it.   you are on the shoulders of a larger system and someone is sitting on yours and everyone is bending over to clean some crud off their shoes and so we all fall down.

Financial Corporations, Health Insurance Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Lawmakers/Lawbreakers, lobbyists, Food Processing Processessssss...  the whole world of factory farming is set up and dependent upon us all eating fast food.  so go get more. and more.  and all of the individuals at all of the levels making choices are responsible.  Grab, Grab, More More...noone will notice if i take a second piece? right?  and we all are part of that, because none of us has done anything and now look where we are.
so what're you gonna do about it?