Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween... and a wunder...

I've got a lion and a werewolf in the house today, and trying to get them off to school is like to kill me. schoolbuses out of costume do not take werewolves and all. go figure.
and I sortof bailed on homemade decorations, and even paid an exorbitant amount for shipping (which wasn't even the postal service that i love and long for daily! damn.) ... i love me the postoffice.  internetwise, i always choose it.... but i have a boy whose lion costume will make him happy for a whole year, and i love to look at him in it so there is that. i love lions. and the werewolf? a kit costume with a whole new head/hat that isn't scary and is warm, because I just can't believe what scary stuff there is for kids out there... the kid is goddamned six and thinks he's a freaking werewolf sometimes.   why the horror? has the whole country lost its innocence?  noone can come up with a costume that doesn't come from a movie? i know, a conversation all played out. i know. but still ! (arms raised, hair straight up and crazy eyes... )
the kids broke somethings i liked yesterday. yes, plural. and i took a bath to soothe myself and had to take my glasses off to avoid seeing how crappily dirty the tub is. so this morning, i have cleaned it. but yesterday, after the bath i had to leave the house to avoid the broken and the dirty and i tried to go out and shop.  what a hopeless task. on a crisp fall afternoon, i got me some cotton underwear. ah. dudes. i'm a lucky girl.
and also, the gig is up.
Tomorrow is November and if i do the Noblopopo craziness, then i would have to start writing every day for the month and that would be my third time doing so, and while i would love to have done it for three years straight, i feel a dirth of material, if that is how one spells dirth.
since there is really no lack, what does it mean for me? i would wonder about it, if i could dig up the energy. It is clearly a low energy time for me. probably a damn menstruation coming on. Perhaps I should make an abundantly honeyed cup of tea.  !   Maybe it would be a good exercise (again) in setting up a ritual for myself as we enter these times of ritual.
but hey, i spelled 'wonder' with a 'u' up there. its halloween, everything is spelled bootacularly, and we lurve it. right?
so my wonder is this: do? or do not do? or give it a halfassed whoop?
one of the new cats has diarhea.  abundance!