Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupiers, and other matters.

So what do YOU think about the Occupiers of Wall Street? ragtag hippies with no life that matters as Rush Limbaugh thinks? Do you want to share anything with him? creep, disgustingly Wealthy creepy liar, wonder where he puts his dollars? hm.
I admit, I wish it looked differently. I wish I were there, really, so that the American public would see a mother of two, former schoolteacher getting all pissy that the real scumsuckers of american society are living very very well, and we are not scorning them- we are being asked to continue giving them benefits and subsidies and so on and so forth.  We are making choices and allowing our politicians to make these choices without repurcussions.  we are attacking municipal plow funds, and social security, and teacher salaries, and poor people for their damned inability to stop being poor, and the lighting funds of rural communities, we are asking people to break their backs again and again, just to make a living wage. we are even being told we should lower the minimum wage. is this a government of the people? really?
and if you think it is fine, then fine. but you are making a choice in your complacency, as am i. I'm no preacher.
I wish I could hold myself up as a banner citizen, involved and activist extraordinaire. but I am trying. I am becoming much more aware of my steps and how much they DO MATTER.  what you are wearing and where it was made... MATTER.  where you shop MATTERS.  How you treat emloyees MATTERS.  what you will accept from your local businesses or bigboxes MATTERS.  how you treat your neighbors MATTERS.  what you tell yourself about those strangers MATTERS.  how you spend your money MATTERS.  if you have extra, are you helping anyone? another actual person? Buying online can harm your local business and its employees.  really. How much porn you watch MATTERS, you are part of an industry. what you eat MATTERS, the farmers in your neck of the woods wish you took more care.  what I do with my trash MATTERS.  where I choose to take my kids to lunch OR NOT,  MATTERS. 
what I joke about MATTERS.
what I write about MATTERS.

so, in essence, i don't care that half of the protesters are messy. what they are protesting is clear. so i give them a rah rah, and i get more aware.