Friday, November 25, 2011


I've been writing this thing for three years now... and today is the 500th post and while its sort of arbitrary to pick a cool number and celebrate it, I do like my double o's. 
I'm waving, bowing gracefully and sniggering at myself and .... frankly, exhausted and contented from the foodfest of yesterday. the kids are still asleep and it is past 7 , so you know there are miracles.  

And I have been thankful this week, and sad, and mad, but thankful has won this morning.  I'm thankful for Hives in Utah, and MiddleMinnesota, and Roads, Canada as a whole, and Cats, not the musical, and Greydays, and Sunnydays, and my list of gratitudes is pretty great beyond that... listen:
turkeys, i love turkeys, not the ones we cook but the irritating blunderers of my backyard. although, truth be, i also love the ones i eat...
mushrooms, i love them almost as much as i love onions.  praise be things that grow close to the ground.
i'm glad that pie makes so many people so happy ... and I am glad I have a sister who brings chocolate cake.
brothers, i love brothers too... they have good laps for children and their distracted ways make for visual diversion.
acceptance, i love that we are still all here. so lucky and blessed by our own company, and thats pretty amazing.
when you get down on your knees and look at the grass after a deep frost, its one of the most beautiful things in the world.
sleepy seeds... almost nothing is more satisfying than finding and removing them...
wordplay, the way my mind can move so quickly through the language in its fluency, and yet most of the time plays with the same 100 words.  ah, choice, what a teacher you are...
coffee smells. tea tastes.
wrinkles, the way they are both strength and fragility at once.
I'm thankful for the moments I get to think, the times in life when I remember to take care of myself, the ease with which I can flow in and out of healthy rituals... these things that fill me up are so simple, at their core, and I know where to find them, all the time... I just have to remember and do.
making the occasional strong offering.
ah, and I could go on and on but my tea is ready and I'm sure there are balloons in my future.  (someday)
happy thanksgiving!


Nancy said...

Hip hip hooray!

Jen said...

500! Holy guacamole! You are wonderful! Here's to 500 more!

amyontheroad said...

Rock on!