Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In for a penny, in for a pound.

NaBloPoMo begins.... this year  I officially signed up, so I'm probably doomed to fail. 

I mean, if I could do such a thing. :)

     Last night we did some trick-or-treating.  I made it to one school parade but missed the other and my six year old was really upset at me.  it was a heartbreaker, for him. I do my best, I really do and I'm sorry he was disappointed.  Oh how I love him.
 I do love Halloween also... but I had forgotten the insane excitement that my kids can't process. I suppose I am still new at it, so the forgetfulness is forgiven... but the wildness in costume is not one that I can plan for, or do preventative parenting for.  The sugar alone could outdo any calmatives I have on hand, and the sugar is really the least of it... its the dark, the strangeness of holding hands in the dark, along the road, troops of what could be strangers? or friends? ...our first year in the new neighborhood and visiting homes we've never even seen in daylight.  Two doors down there is a home for disabled adults and in ten years they have not had a trick or treater.  ten years.  boy, they were excited to see us... the workers gave us toys and spider rings.  I fought against that long driveway with an intensity matched by my son the werewolf's love for shining flashlights in your eyes.  and I will not ever make that fight again.  ten years.
ah. to be new in a neighborhood. the things you learn by trying.
also, the food banks in my town are desparate for food and volunteers because they're not getting the donations they used to and because there is so much more demand.  what about near you? I feel a rush on canned goods coming on.  this is crazy. crazy.  and there is an abundance in my house that I just cannot stop. and i'm not even trying. :) 
I feel so damn cute with myself sometimes.
welcome to a month of this.